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Larry White is Larry At Large

While realizing a successful career in music over the last thirty years, Larry has always had a strong interest in politics.  As a twelve year old, he was given a special award for a speech he gave promoting American values at the American Legion National Conference in Los Angeles.

During high school, Larry helped organize Youth For Goldwater, and as a reward, was brought to the home of future Governor and President Ronald Reagan, who personally thanked him for his efforts.

At U.C.L.A., Larry was a Political Science major, and helped organize the U.C.L.A. Young Republicans.

After working on various Republican campaigns over the years, Larry felt the party had disenfranchised many of its Conservative supporters, and he became an independent.

His popular column is now widely viewed and is reprinted in several other countries, with almost 120,000 readers.  He started posting over a year ago, when his Liberal buddy Barry Gordon suggested his thoughts, though wrong, were interesting enough for him to start a post.

To Barry's chagrin, Larry At Large is doing very well.